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Become a Mensa Member

Become a Mensa member and find like-minded individuals from within our interesting and wide-ranging membership!

Find your niche: whatever your interests are, you will be sure to find like-minded individuals from within our interesting and diverse membership!

Mensa South Africa has chapters in Gauteng (Johannesburg and Pretoria), Western Cape (Cape Town and Winelands), and KwaZulu-Natal.

Chapters run monthly speaker events, social gatherings, and arrange interesting and unusual activities.


Access to Mensa is obtained by achieving a qualifying score on a Mensa approved intelligence test. Testing* sessions are held regularly in our major regions, mostly on Saturdays and last approximately two hours. Costs vary by region, from R80 to around R150 for the testing. There are two tests*, the one is language based and is available in English or Afrikaans. The other test is completely pattern based (no language bias). If you achieve a qualifying score (among the top 2% of the population) in either test, you will be invited to join Mensa!

* Our tests are only offered to candidates aged 16 and over. Candidates below this age will need to be tested by a registered psychologist and submit their results to our National Supervisory Psychologist for vetting.

Contact us now to book your test.

You may also submit to private testing by a registered psychologist and submit your test details to our National Testing Psychologist for verification. Please contact Admin for more information.