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Johannesburg: Speaker evening – Akiva Beebe

2017-02-16 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Miriam Jorna
Johannesburg: Speaker evening - Akiva Beebe

Antifragile leaders: Thriving in turbulent markets

Akiva Beebe will present his findings about ‘antifragile leaders’: leaders that get stronger when exposed to sudden changes.  Together with findings from Institute for the Future, he forecasts that developed markets will begin to exhibit the qualities of high-risk frontier markets within the next decade – moving from stable and predictable economies (developed markets currently) toward unstable and unpredictable economies (frontier markets currently).  The hypothesis has been examining how antifragile leaders succeed in these high-risk environments.

The presenter will pose a ‘super wicked problem’ emerging from within Africa that has the force and velocity to disrupt the entire global economy.  With this in mind, he will engage the audience with a collaborative and co-generative research methodology known integral research, using aspects of a process called ‘socio-technical design’.  The process will enable the researcher and audience to collectively problem-solve a ‘super wicked problem’, leveraging the collective genius in the room, focused on turning a systemic threat into thriving opportunities.

The presenter and audience will collectively explore:

A new operating framework for large organizations and developed markets wanting to succeed in high risk environments
Criteria to consider when investing into organizations operating within high risk environments and frontier markets

Further information and venue details from the Johannesburg Chairman, Miriam Jorna.

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