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KZN: Two tours – Dormac’s floating dock and Albany Bakery

2016-11-23 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Natasha Vaughan
KZN: Two tours - Dormac's floating dock and Albany Bakery

Our recent survey showed that members enjoyed tours of factories/industry etc, so we have arranged two visits this afternoon.  The reason we are having two is that the second one is quite short, and would not be worthwhile on its own.

Firstly, we will be visiting the new floating dock that has recently been commissioned by Dormac.  See here for more info.
That will last about two hours, and then we will be heading further south to the Albany Bakery in South Coast Road, for a tour of about half an hour.  They bake about 180,000 loaves a day.

Minimum age is 18.

Should you be keen on Dormac, or both, please contact Natasha Vaughan; should you only want to do the bakery, contact Dave Soane.

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