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PTA Speaker Evening – Psycho-dietics – Good Food for your Brain

2018-10-10 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Event Title:    Psycho-dietics – Good Food for your Brain.

Date/Time:   Wednesday, 10 October 2018 at 18:30 for 19:00

Venue: Pretoria Boys High School Old Boys Club, 378 Queens Crescent (c/o Queens Crescent and Kings Highway), Lynnwood, Pretoria

About the Topic:

If there were permanent armed robbers outside your house and the only deterrent between you and them is your guard dog, what would you feed that dog?  Would you feed it bones and porridge and have a fat, lazy, lethargic dog? Or would you invest in the best dog food you can buy and have an alert, sharp, intelligent dog?
Your brain is attacked on a daily basis by stressors as dangerous as armed robbers.  Stress can kill you.  Would you not want your brain to function at optimal clear strength to protect your whole system?  We are more concerned about anti-virus protection for our computers, than we are about preserving our own brains.
The mechanics of your brain involve neurons producing neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) which transmit from one neuron to another. Just as petrol, oil and water have different functions in an engine, so do different neurotransmitters have different functions in your brain, and they are all composed of different ingredients.  Now, where do you think does your brain obtain the ingredients to make these neurotransmitters?  From the food that you eat.
Your brain is the maestro conductor, coordinating the orchestra of your thoughts, emotions and behaviour.  The triad of your thoughts, (cognition), emotions (affect) and behaviour are all three connected and regulated by your brain.  If your brain functions optimally, due to healthy brain nutrition, your thoughts, emotions and body all follow suit.
The right food can alleviate depression, lift your moods, improve your memory, combat stress, provide life energy, clear thoughts and improve your overall general functioning, because it benefits your brain. Do you know which foods contain specific ingredients to achieve the above?

About the Speaker:

Short bio:
Dr Micki Pistorius is a registered psychologist with the Health Professions Council.  She profiled serial killers for the South African Police Service from 1994 to 2000.  She wrote six books on the subject including her autobiography ‘Catch Me a Killer”. She no longer talks about this subject.
She entered private practice in 2000. She developed an interest in neuropsychology and the effect that food has on the brain. Sher can talk on this subject for hours.

She also wrote an internet based book on What men think about relationships, but that is a completely different story, which she will tell you another day.

Before qualifying as a psychologist she was a journalist and now she is reverting to her passion as author.  She has an Honours degree in Biblical Archaeology and is soon retiring to an island in the Indian Ocean where she will write in peace – she will also travel the world and visit archaeological sites.
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About the venue:

The venue boasts a great menu, so for those of you who will be hungry, you will be able to order some decent and tasty food before the event.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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