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Winelands – Shackleton ground run at the SAAFM

2023-07-29 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Winelands Secretary
Winelands - Shackleton ground run at the SAAFM

Winelands members have the opportunity to visit the South Africa Airforce Museum (SAAFM) at Ysterplaat for one of the few Shackleton ground runs (and will also have access to the interior of Shackleton!).

The main attraction will be the start-up and ground run of the Shackleton. The aircraft is powered by the biggest Rolls Royce piston engines ever made, the Griffon Mark 57. It is one of only two aircraft in the world of this type that are still able to be started. Once started and warmed up, the engines are taken to take-off power. Once heard it is an unforgettable sound! The (four) engines are V-12 supercharged pistons and produce up to 2455 hp each.

There are other aircraft in the hangar including North American Harvard, Impala, Dakota, Albatross, Mirage, Buccaneer, Sabre, Alouette, Wasp and Super Frelon amongst others, which dedicated volunteers keep in tip-top condition. The museum also has a very interesting display of firearms, vehicles, uniforms and aviation art.

The ground run is subject to weather but the visit will still take place regardless on the 29th July 2023 at 09h00.

Accompanying us will be Jonathan Balladon (Lieutenant Colonel Retired) who spent 20 years as a pilot in the SAAF flying Harvards, Impala, Albatross, Dakota, Boeing 707 operationally and the Shackleton and the Albatross for the museum.

RSVP is required – please email the Winelands Secretary.

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