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Winelands: Speaker evening – Capt Nick Sloane

2018-02-15 @ 7:15 pm – 9:45 pm
Yvonne Steyn
Winelands: Speaker evening - Capt Nick Sloane

Who can forget the sight of the cruise liner, the Costa Concordia, capsized on the rocks off the island of Giglio?   This was due to the negligence of the captain, now serving time for gross negligence.

South African expert Captain Nick Sloane was commissioned to head up the operation of righting the ship and towing it to a nearby port for dismantling.

At Winelands’ monthly speaker evening this month, Nick will talk about the epic task of saving Giglio from the devastating consequences of the Costa Concordia sliding into the sea a hundred metres away, which would have led to an environmental disaster.

Further information and venue details from the Winelands secretary, Yvonne Steyn.

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