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Winelands: Virtual speaker evening – Professor Mike Bruton

2020-05-21 @ 7:15 pm – 9:45 pm
Yvonne Steyn
Winelands: Virtual speaker evening - Professor Mike Bruton

Is this the Fourth Industrial Revolution or the First Post-Industrial Revolution: implications for humankind.

The economist Klaus Schwab has suggested that we are now in the Fourth Industrial Revolution but Mike Bruton will argue that the current revolution is at best a post-industrial, if not an anti-industrial, revolution that may equip humans to address the many problems that were created by the first three industrial revolutions. He will also discuss the ways in which science has changed through the ages in order to remain relevant to society’s needs, with particular reference to the environmental crisis.

Mike Bruton initially followed a career in marine biology but, over the past two decades, has focused on science centre and museum design and development, the psychology of learning, and the history of Islamic science.

Mike currently uses the knowledge he has gained over his extensive career to guide and provide services in the fields of authorship, science centre development, aquatic research management, and Imagineering.

The meeting will be held via a Zoom webinar, and all members are welcome to participate.  To register, and receive a link for the webinar, write to the Winelands secretary, Yvonne Steyn.

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