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Winelands: Speaker evening – Cindy Pivacic

2017-10-19 @ 7:15 pm – 9:45 pm
Yvonne Steyn
Winelands: Speaker evening - Cindy Pivacic

“I speak HIV, do you?”

Cindy Pivacic is always on the lookout for a new challenge.

The biggest one of all sent her on a unique, if initially somewhat terrifying, journey …

Having been in sales and marketing all her life, she found herself retrenched, diagnosed HIV positive (2004), and with nowhere to turn, except inward.

“The perception amongst South Africans is that White people – and specifically White women – are not vulnerable to HIV and AIDS.”

Defying numerous health issues, she decided to take on the world by disclosing her status, and began speaking, training and subsequently authoring two books related to her HIV journey and working life, which culminated in her establishing her PR Ninja business, where she now engages as ‘PR Ninja’ to self-published author-entrepreneurs.

Further information and venue details from the Winelands secretary, Yvonne Steyn.

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