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Winelands: Speaker evening – Monique Schiess

2017-02-16 @ 7:15 pm – 9:45 pm
Yvonne Steyn
Winelands: Speaker evening - Monique Schiess

‘AfrikaBurn: the what, the why, and some history, with a light sprinkling of dust, heat, wind and inspiration’

After twelve-and-a-half years in the desert, Monique Schiess has a doctorate in driving rebar pegs into rock and shale, and a PhD in the economics of artistic chaos and wrangling itinerant misfits and renegades.

A founder and the original coordinator of AfrikaBurn, she sees herself as a fire-starter of sorts, an instigator and incubator of creative projects across the board.

She makes sport of poking people in their creative ribs, and believes that fun and waking up creativity is a most powerful vector for change in this world.

She was a partner in the Mother City Queer Projects, has two degrees in Environmental Science and Social Anthropology, and had an incarnation as a game ranger.

She is currently the Creative Development Director and Liaison for AfrikaBurn.

Further information and venue details from the Winelands secretary.

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