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Winelands: Virtual speaker evening – Dr Hooley McLaughlin

2020-08-20 @ 7:15 pm – 9:45 pm
Yvonne Steyn
Winelands: Virtual speaker evening - Dr Hooley McLaughlin

“Reflections from a frozen pond…”

This month, the truly remarkable Dr Hooley McLaughlin joins us from Toronto for our monthly webinar.

Despite suffering from the condition of aphantasia, i.e. a complete lack of any visual memory, Hooley became the Chief Scientific Officer of one of the most important science centres in the world; he is also an internationally respected artist.

Having only discovered that he had aphantasia at the age of 67, the story of how he has adjusted to it is moving and inspiring.

According to recent research, approximately 2% of the population have no mental imagery, no visual memories, no ability to ‘picture’ people or events in their minds; yet some of them have managed to become visual artists.  Hooley will describe the way he sees the world around him and translates it into works of art, using only what he can see at any given point in time. He will also explore the implications of the aesthetic and ethical problems his condition presents.

You can read Hooley’s incredible CV here:

The meeting will be held via an interactive Zoom webinar, and all members of Mensa South Africa are welcome to participate.

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