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    You no longer have to be worried about receiving news of a chapter you don’t belong to.

    To subscribe to only your chapter’s newsletters – or if you would like to subscribe to any other chapter’s newsletters, simply hover over Chapter in the menu and click on the name of the chapter you would like to subscribe to. Your will find the subscription block to the right of the page on your computer, or below the Newsletters & Events accordion, on mobile devices.

    You have to be logged in to this website to reset your email password.

    Take the Mensa Workout to see how you do and build your confidence (this is not a qualifying test).

    1. Hover over the 🔐 Login menu item
    2. Click on Lost My Password  OR
    3. Click on Login and look for Lost Your Password
    Here you are, wondering what, where, how, whereto.

    This website is a social media website, for Mensa members only. Here, once profiles are updated, you can find fellow Mensa members of your chapter or, find any other interesting member and add them as friends. You can update your status, write posts, create groups, view activity and be part of one awesome intellectual community, at any time.

    This may encourage chapter activities and offer so much more to any Mensa website member.

    If you’re not yet a website member:

    • Hover over 🔐 Login and click Register
    • Complete the form
    • Once registered, your application will be vetted 
    • Once approved or rejected, you will receive an email from us
    • Then log in. Should you have paid for your membership manually, the Administrator would have updated your membership level. In the event where you have not yet paid for your membership – click on My Membership under the Me menu item, to acquire your membership according to your needs
    • After you’ve acquired your membership and depending on the payment method you chose, it may take a few minutes for your membership to be activated
    • Once this happens, you should receive notification
    • Log in if you’re not already logged in
    • Complete or update your profile, if need be
    • Order your own email address if you want it. It’s included in your membership

    Enjoy the site!

    • Hover over the Me menu item
    • Click on Profile
    • Click on Edit
    • Click on the section you would like to edit. The default is Me at Mensa. Additionally you will have Me at home and Me at work. Click on whichever section you would like to edit.
    • Once you’ve made your changes, click on “Save Changes“.
    1. Hover of 🔐 Login
    2. Click on Log In
    3. Type your membership number or email address you registered with,  in the Username or Email address field
    4. Type your password
    5. If you want to remain logged in, tick Remember Me
    6. Click Log in

    No. A very big NO. Never.

    Online payments happen via South Africa’s PayFast gateway – you’re welcome to visit their website to read more about them at SERVICE PROVIDER. PCI-DSS LEVEL 1 COMPLIANT)

    • You may only apply for a new e-mail address after a legal change in your surname.
    • Once we create the new email address, the old email address will be deleted
    • You are responsible for the backup of email sent to your current email address.
    • Email you have received on your current email address will not carry over to your new email address.
    Don’t worry – it is not blacklisted.

    When using our SMTP server you might not be able to send emails and the error looks like:

    server response was: 550 Sender IP (XX.XX.XX.XX) is blacklisted at

    The issue in this case appears because you are trying to use our SMTP without authentication and your ISP IP is blacklisted.

    The solution in this case would be to enable the “authentication when sending” function of your mail client.

    – Outlook: enable the check-box “My server requires authentication”
    – Eudora: enable the check-box “Authentication allowed”
    – Mozilla: enable the option “Use name and password”
    – Mail for Mac OS X: enable the check-box “Use authentication when sending”

    You can order an email address once you have a paid membership. Should you decide not to renew your membership, your email address will be cancelled.

    Chapter based newsletters, will be found on each chapter’s page, on the Chapter menu.

    When you’re not logged in, the system does not know whether you’re a valid member trying to reach that page. Therefor it will take you to the Register page, in case you’re a Mensa member who got the link from a fellow member (who are a website member) and previously did not want to be on the Mensa website, but may decide to register on the website after all.

    If you’re a registered website member:

    • You need to be logged in to the website with your username and password to read newsletters.
    • To log in, Hover of 🔐 Login and click on Login
    • Now go back to the email and click on that link OR
    • Hover over the Chapter menu item and click on your chapter. Newsletters are displayed in date order.